There were a lot of stars in the sky that night

It’s been a minute and a fortnight into my new gig. I’m glad I’m colleagues with the genius and legendary street photographer Chia Aik Beng, aka ABC. We’ve known of each other for a few years now, crossing paths on different work related occasions, so we’re both excited about finally being formal workmates.

We’ve been chatting over our desks, over lunches, throwing ideas back and forth. It was only natural to catch even more pockets of conversation further out — over Friday drinks.

And so we off we went, talking about mutual agency experiences, how we wanted to work at our current workplace, what other notable lunch options there were around the work hood et cetera.

As with any conversation between Singaporean males, dips are lifted by a recollection of something funny that happened during National Service.

And so off we went: What unit were you in? Forty-Six. Eh? Me too! What year? Eighty Nine to Ninety-One. Oh. Mine was one batch before yours!

Another connection struck — not uncommon.

Then ABC said, “I remember Thailand, when one of my friends died during training”.

And I said, “I was there”….

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