OK, the Yoof Ollumpics is getting to me

There’s been murmurs that the authorities are a little worried that the YOG isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans – with the MOE buying 80,000 tickets to put at least small bums on seats at events, and the budget ballooning to three times the original estimate.

Some of the money was well spent, though, IMHO. I’m talking about the infernal YOG cheer song written and “sung” by J.J. Lin, who, IMHO again, is an embarrassment to ACS boys everywhere because of his Mandarin singing abilities.

Mr Lin has somehow crafted a cheer, accompanied by a blatant rip-off of the hadouken gesture, that is STUCK IN MY HEAD, and all I can think of is how the lyrics, if you could call them that, sounds like what Jack Neo would say in the throes of passion. (Think about it – oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah HEY oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah HO).

But having said that, Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Hey (Foyce Me! Foyce Me Now!) may not be the worst cheer song ever written. The other infernal patriotic national cheer that I know of, and that is equally annoying has to be Come on Aussie Come on.

Are there any other country’s cheer songs which bug you the same way these two do?