Advertorial: POSB Everyday Champions 2009

Everyday Champion: Carol Lim

The inaugural POSB Everyday Champions awards was held on 26th February 2009 at St Regis.

Out of over 3,000 nominees (no, I didn’t nominate Coach Frank because of residency issues), 57 were winners on the night, and among them was Super Soccer Mum Carol Lim, 52, who 10 years ago set up the Elias Park Football Club.

EPFC is a football club with the emphasis on “club”. With most of the sport we watch on tv becoming more like entertainment businesses, it was nice to read about grassroots movements like Carol’s.

Through her efforts, she’s gotten thousands of kids to play, and has even gotten a training field for them. Now that’s a feat, considering there aren’t many publicly available playing fields here in the world’s most urbanized country.

Everyday Champion: Jason ChenAnother award recipient who tries to help others overcome shortcomings – personal disabilities this time – Jason Chen, 26, believes everyone can “do” sports – and he’s put together Asia’s first dragonboat team for the visually handicapped.

President S.R. Nathan graced the event and gave out the awards, and I can’t help but put a clunker here and say Sport Was The Winner On The Night.

What’s more, it’s not over yet. You can still log on to and vote for Singapore’s favourite POSB Everyday Champion in the following categories – Individuals, Coaches and Organisations.

Nine voters will win (will this winning ever stop?) $1,000 each, and in addition, the top three POSB Everyday Champions from the Individuals and Coaches category will win $2,000 each, while the top three favourites from the Organisations category will win $3,000 each.

So, what are you waiting for? Go vote for a winner!