Bookmarks from Holland Village

Haircut Day

If you’ve ever been to Holland Village lately, you’d probably have been approached by one or two flers trying to sell you something, and you might or might not have stopped to find out what they were hawking.

It was one of those days where I had a bit of time, because Naomi and I had our first haircuts for the longest time, and we were at the hair place for the longest time too. We went in some time before Chinese New Year, I think. But now we have updated hairstyles befitting the season (spring, I believe), and we were in a pretty good mood.


This fler sees that I have a brand spanking new haircut and a smug look on my face because I’m looking so trendy, comes up to me and says, “excuse me sir, I’m not trying to sell you anything”, to which I say “sorry, not interested”. But because I wasn’t about to go anywhere, seeing as I had free parking for the evening thanks to the valet arrangement the hair place had with the car valet service, I listened to him tell me something about selling bookmarks to help former convicts.

“$2 a bookmark”, says Nash, the fler, “to give people like me a second chance”. So I went and gave him some money in return for all the bookmarks he had with him so he could go home and stop bothering people having a good time in the Village. Then his friend Arshad comes along and says he’s got only one bookmark left, so I give him $2 to let him go home too.

I now have a dozen bookmarks I can use, which is very good because I really hate losing the page of all the magazines and books I read halfway and never finish because I lose the page and get fed up. So what if they’re really ugly bookmarks that look like they’ve been printed from websites like, or if Nash and Arshad are simply making a quick buck and are really up to no good because I can’t find anything to do with RBC Services (which is the name printed on the bookmarks) on the net or on the brand spanking new SPH search engine, Red Neneh, that has anything to do with bookmarks and ex-convicts.

Bookmarks are useful, and those flers needed to go home and count their takings for the day.