How To Burn Krisflyer Miles

I got a little excited this morning when SQ sent an email saying I could now pay for fares by Krisflyer Miles in combination with credit card or paypal payment.

It is very different from redeeming award flights because for 30,000 miles or so you can fly free to say Taipei or Shanghai on an award ticket (but you have to wait till you amass 30K points). But buying a ticket with KF miles gets you this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.14.36 PM

So say you’re short of $50 on your credit card to pay for your air ticket – you can use 4,900 KF points to top it up, meaning one KF mile is worth a whopping ONE CENT.

Positive spin: Singapore Airlines supports Earth Hour

A380 woes

SQ221 bound for Sydney was last night delayed for an hour in support of Earth Hour.

This is the third time (second time in a week) a fuel-line related problem has dogged the new A380 aircraft, and Singapore Airlines is happy to have been able to support the global campaign on behalf of all 400+ passengers.