Something Is Seriously Wrong With SingPost/SpeedPost

For a few years now, we’ve experienced phantom attempted deliveries from SingPost/Speedpost – where we get a slip either under the door or in our mailbox saying that delivery of a package was attempted but unsuccessful because ‘no one was in the premises’.

Sound familiar? Been home all day and not a peep outside the door, and doorbell’s completely fine? It seems that the modus operandi of the SpeedPost/SingPost delivery person is to just leave the packages in their office/base and carry a stack of ‘attempted delivery’ slips to deliver to recipients, who have no choice but to make a trek down to the nearest StinkPost office to pick up their item.

Customers who complain are simply asked to write a formal complaint, and the ‘matter would be looked into’. It never is, and after so many years, THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!

Check out this thread on FB:

And here’s a little exchange on Twitter I had today with @SingPost:

So if you’ve any similar stories about SingPost’s phantom attempted deliveries, leave a comment here – surely strength in numbers can fix their damned service.