Online Excellence Reputation Asia Masterclass

Among the gazillion things I have to do this week, I’ll be attending this event tomorrow and Wednesday, where I hope to learn a couple of things about online reputation – and what to do when you stuff up like when you get interns to do your tweeting and they mix up their tweetdeck accounts and say something either really really stupid or something really really clever that wasn’t meant to be read.

Couple of months ago I was laughing with the people at the Yahoo! newsroom about the ST twitter stuff up, and they, rightly so, exercised a lot of restraint, saying that it could very easily have been them that made the boo boo.

So, stay tuned for magic formulae on undoing the un-undoable.

Mobile roaming

Some of my late mother’s friends, on hearing of her passing, took to texting her on her mobile with tributes and messages of how shocked they were and how much they would miss her.

I kept her mobile, an Phone4, for a few days before I passed it to my sister, who’ll be keeping it and its number for sentimental reasons. It hasn’t been all sombre or pleasant, as there has been more than one telemarketer trying to close a sale even when he’s been told that the person who used to own the phone has recently passed away, like a fortnight ago, hello, if my mother was alive she’d have chewed you up and spat you out good and proper.

I’m still checking her work email too, so that urgent business matters can be attended to, ¬†although it could have been said that Kate Spade sales were urgent business matters too. Goodness, she got/gets a lot of spam.