Pulsonic washable

I had my first shave with the Braun Series 7 (790 cc Type 5671) and it was good.

It was the closest shave I’ve had since my Army motorcycle skidded and crashed into the path of an oncoming Armoured Fighting Vehicle (M113) whose driver and vehicle commander were both looking out of my line of sight and who were only alerted when my Combat Team Sergeant Major threw a rock and hit the vehicle commander on the helmet with it, causing him to shout into the intercom to tell the driver to stop. (It was a good thing too that the driver’s surname was “Au”).

Thank you Encik. The puddle around the bike was petrol, I swear.

So anyway, with the shaver fully charged, I went to the bathroom mirror and turned the thing on. My heart beat was still louder than the whirr of the shaver, and I put the thing to my face.

You have to understand my fear of electric shavers. The last time I used one, it was a cheap, borrowed plasticky one from an uncle, who passed it to me thinking I’d be smart enough to check if it was working properly and that it had some juice left in it’s batteries.

I wasn’t and it didn’t, and the thing died while in mid-shave, clamping a portion of my chin hair good while I used a free hand to look frantically around the house for a pair of scissors.

No such problems this time. This baby’s LCD “battery” indicator tells me how much power it’s got left, as well as how hygienic I am.

I was however, a little perturbed when I saw the word “Pulsonic” on the top of the shaver. It took a while before I worked out that it was probably derived from the words “pulse” and “sonic”, and not “pull” and “sonic”.

So, a few minutes and a lot of other preening in front of the mirror later, I was done, and very happy with the results.



A check on the LCD panel told me that in shaving my face, I had used up none out of six battery bars, as well as two out of six hygiene bars. This meant it was time for a clean and recharge.

Cleaning and recharging is simple, you just chuck the shaver head down into the cleaner-charger and it tells you if it needs a eco, normal or intensive clean, and then you just press the “start cleaning” button and Bob’s your uncle.

The canister of flammable cleaning liquid lasts up to 30 washes depending on how hairy each shave is, but you can also wash the shaver manually if you so wish, so that you won’t have to keep going out to buy replacement canisters of flammable cleaning liquid.

Pretty neat if you ask me. My face so smoot now.