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  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas No. 5: Nicalu Olive Oil

    I’ll say this again. This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted, and it’s available now in Singapore. And for Christmas and only in Singapore, you’ll get it at a special price of $49.50 per litre! Order here now. Follow on Facebook.

  • Christmas gift ideas: give a pair

    We were getting last-minute grocery for dinner at Cold Storage Takashimaya when we saw outside the cashier’s, a stall selling Crescendo flavoured olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. The company’s representative in Singapore has stalls like this all over town, but for some reason, we stopped for the first time, for a sampler. Unlike many…

  • Baby Aglio Olio

    Kai has sensitive skin, just like his Papa, who was ridiculed from a young age when he declared to the Singapore Armed Forces medical board that he was allergic to grass and to his own perspiration. Those ain’t rosy cheeks you’re looking at on Kai’s cute little face. Those are dry, inflamed patches where he’s…