Tag: Nutted by the news

  • Singapore to be regional hub for governments in exile?

    Via Cowboy Caleb, who is, no doubt excited about being in Thailand at this moment, there’s apparently a rumour that the Prime Minister is considering setting up a satellite government in exile in Singapore to lobby the UN to back them as the legitimate government. Technorati Tags: coup, Thaksin, Singapore, thailand

  • 9/11

    It’s been five years since I watched in astonishment on my mother’s television set the destruction of the twin towers. That night, on the 11th of September 2001, I had just come home from I can’t remember what (this blog didn’t exist yet), and my mum’s study door was ajar, and she was sitting and…

  • Vale, Brockie

    King of the Mountain I always found motor racing boring, and the Bathurst 1000 was no different. The same guy was always in the news, but when you’re such a convincing champion, you can’t help making everyone else look mediocre. Peter Brock, 1945 – 2006. Technorati Tags: australia, peter brock

  • The problem with Singapore soccer

    Oh… you mean we have to play to win all the time? “Victory a must for both Lions, China tonight” Other times, it’s ok if we don’t win. How to go World Cup liddat? Technorati Tags: football, Singapore, TODAY

  • It’s like giving a box of matches to an arsonist

    What’s wrong with this country?! “Ms Claudia Koh, 25, an oil spill specialist, won a stored-value card worth $40,000 that can pay for a tanker full of petrol”… Technorati Tags: Singapore, Straits Times