Oh please I hope we don’t have to call Cassino Koh

Oh please don't let me call Cassino Koh

So, Loyal Reader Lincoln tells me about this “mobile porn shop” going around Singapore, and I have to ask, “is it legal?

He tells me he’s not sure, and says, “I’ll show you a picture”, and shows me a photo on his SE P1i, which clearly shows a car that has nothing to do with the porn business.

Mobile Pawn Shop!

“Is it legal?”, I ask again. And again, he’s not sure, but we both agree that the name “Cassino Koh” should be illegal.

Dr Evil to go to NTUMr Koh might not have that much business if some areas of the economy were as well-paying as academia.

Stuff entrepreneurerealrealsheep! The money’s in books!

Last we heard, Dr. Evil was giving up his nefarious schemes to embark on research at NTU for one meeellion dollarrssss, bwahahahahaha.

Die die (already) also must pay

Grave lease expired
Vimoutiers Graveyard Lease Expired – Photo by e_cathedra

If NTU students think they’re hard done by, then they should meet the leasing agents for a dead student’s accommodation

A County Armagh couple whose daughter died while at university in Liverpool have been told they must pay for her accommodation for the rest of the year.