Nursing angels

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Naomi and I have always been afraid of hospitals, and her month-long stint a year and a half ago still sends shivers down her (repaired with implants) spine.

So we are very thankful that we experienced such a good stay this time round. The staff at the maternity wards at Mount Elizabeth Hospital are really very good, and especially sensitive to the needs (and stupidity) of first time parents.

What we also didn’t know about and expect were the “lactation consultants” who hovered in the wards, swooping down on mothers who had problems breastfeeding, very patiently helping them out, reassuring them (“don’t worry, your baby can don’t eat for 24 hours after he’s born”), and at the same time acceding to their wishes (“just tell us if you want to give formula, it’s ok one”).

We never expected it to be so difficult, and things would’ve been a lot more stressful if not for these nursing angels as well as the tireless regular staff who’ve attended to us during our stay, trying to teach us the basics of parenting – like how to tell when baby’s hungry, needs a burp, or is just being fussy.

We left the hospital a fair deal more confident than we were before, thanks to these folks. And I’d recommend MEH for people planning to give birth here.