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  • Merely A Near Namesake

    I remember him telling me how in 1965 when he watched the televised announcement of Separation, that he was sure “we were finished”, and how he had expected to have to knuckle down and prepare for hard times.

  • A Comrade of The Workers

    "On behalf of the Labour Movement, farewell comrade, farewell" – S.R. Nathan #RememberingLKY A photo posted by Benjamin "Mr Miyagi" Lee (@miyagisan) on Mar 27, 2015 at 4:24am PDT Lee Kuan Yew began his political career representing trade unions while as a young lawyer with the firm Laycock & Ong. Mr Lee started winning over…

  • Vale, Lee Kuan Yew

    Today we begin to bid farewell to a giant of history. Tributes will flow and flood, and many among us will think about how much of us is due to him.

  • My Father And The Gangster Fella Lee Kuan Yew

    I remember the story my father told me about the time he was a clerk in a bus company in Singapore. It was some time in the 1950s, and some of us will recall that these were troubled times. I didn’t get much detail from the many times my father told and retold the story…

  • Yahoo! Blog Post: Polling Day reflections

    I have never seen the likes of it — people actually caring enough about Singapore politics to talk about it non-stop. I swear if I took a cab today, the driver might just go, “Ok, sir, do you mind if I just take you to your destination and not talk about politics during your ride?”……