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  • Far Cough

    Yesterday Kai asked me if I knew what a fart and cough at the same time was called. I said, “No, do you?” He said yes and then took out the last consonant of “fart” and joined it with “cough” to make one word. I told him never to say it again.

  • What Kai does when you give him 20 cents

    I guess you could say we’ve taught our son a couple of good things. This was shot at Basement 1 of Paragon. To be fair, if it were at the fifth floor, the money would have gone towards a Barney ride.

  • Prosperity first, life second

    We saw this sign at a construction site. I think it was an MRT excavation site. It all makes sense now – “Safety first for our prosperity”. Safety’s good for business. Doesn’t slow things down. Like when the highway caves in, or when cranes collapse. Nothing to do with the lives of the workers, who…