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  • Need for Speed handsfree

    Apple and EA came up with a handsfree rig for iPod/iPhone gamers. Post-game neck massage and panadol not included.

  • Useful Christmas Gifts #4: Something From Apple

    Let’s face it. You’re gonna be either buying or considering buying an Apple product this Christmas, either for yourself or for someone else. Epicentre, the premium Apple reseller, is making it more fun with an in-house personal shopper who’s gonna help you buy more stuff and then you’ll go home and curse him later. Santa/Personal…

  • Useful Christmas Gifts #1: Frozen Sausage Stylus for iPhone/iPad

    If you’ve got friends and family in colder climes, you might want to think about sending this gift their way, because apparently when it gets too cold to go gloveless, it might get a little difficult to operate a touch screen device like an iPhone or iPad. So, people in Korea have been buying frozen…

  • Our son is iPhone native

    I’ve always been led to think that babies start saying their first word out of the blue, and start walking unaided all of a sudden. Kai can walk now, albeit with his arms in the air holding on to invisible parachute straps. But that has taken about a fortnight of taking one, then two unaided…

  • We need this for the house

    Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Bits and pieces for our new apartment are being put together, slowly, together with a few other unforeseen necessities.