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  • Planes I’ve Been On – Part 1

    Because of our recent flurry of travel, and the accompanying explaining of trains, planes and other vehicles to our son, I’ve compiled a list of aircraft I’ve been on, and the airlines who flew the flights. Yes, it does show my age.

  • My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    I’ve told this story many times before, but as the Olympic Games get under way in Rio, I remember again my father’s stint sixty years ago at the Melbourne Olympics: In another age altogether, my father scored a temp job at the Melbourne Olympics as a general clerk/intern assisting the accounts department. The Games then…

  • Magna Carta World Tour

    I’m excited, not only because this is an 800-year-old literal ‘piece’ of law — one of only four surviving copies– but also because the last time English law came round these parts, they left us with s377 and other such delights of the Penal Code, which we have tweaked just a little bit so that…

  • The Dance of The Flaming Arseholes: A Royal Australian Navy Tradition

    Things would get rowdy, as you would imagine, but the sailors from the RAN took the cake – there are photographs of men on the roof of a public toilet in a Bugis Street alleyway, with something alight sticking out from their naked buttocks.

  • I Have Old Stuff From My Dad’s Office Too: Part 1

    The picture above is of former Minister of Culture Mr Jek Yuen Thong giving a speech at the opening of the Oriental Development Corporation Limited (Marble And Plastic Factories) in 1972. My father is seated at the extreme left in the photo.