Car park warden warning system

I was very amused (and thankful) yesterday to discover that Mellben Seafood Restaurant has a “carpark warden warning system”.

When your friendly neighbourhood carpark warden turns up to issue fines at the HDB carpark, a designated staff member blows a long blast on a whistle that will get almost everyone startled and on their feet.

For the usually unperturbed like myself, the staff member then puts down the whistle and yells a more traditional, “MATA LAI LIAO, KA MEH KI PUNG KOO PON!”

Several diners are seen rushing to the car park, and some of those who waited to wipe their hands clean of chili and butter crab gravy get to their cars too late.

I made it (after cleaning my hands) and was very happy dinner didn’t cost $70 extra.

Now that the homeless families have been housed

HDB dawn

CNA reports on HDB’s 50th Anniversary with an opening paragraph which would have been an outright clanger if they hadn’t found lodging for the park-dwellers:

SINGAPORE: Is there a role for Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB), now that the entire population has been housed?

Congratulations on 50 years of housing the nation!