The concerts around the planet are in full swing right now, and the heavy loads on the Windows Live Spaces servers are taking its toll. It’s down at the moment, but you’ll still be able to view performances from all the concert cities on
Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between Snow Patrol or the Arctic Monkeys. Tune in and enjoy.

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Xiaxue will save the planet

“Eh, why you all wear green?”

“It’s Earth-Fest”

“I’m not wearing green!”

“It’s ok. It wasn’t stated in the contract”.

Xiaxue has taken over the blogging station and has started her shift at Earth-Fest. Her pledge is “I will use my air-con for 2 hours less a day”.

And you know even though she forgot to wear green today, her heart’s green and in the right place. If you want to see her blog ‘live’, come down now to One Fullerton, and you’ll see her scurrying in and out of Starbucks, taking pictures and then running back to the computer to upload her pictures of the event, taken on her fancy pink camera.

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Live Earth

WinliveI’m blogging ‘live’ from One Fullerton for Earth-Fest, a local event that ties in with Live Earth, and I’ve just put up my first blog post for the event. Then I’m going to sit back a bit and tune in to the rest of the planet’s concerts. I hear from Joe Augustin’s computer (volume very loud) that the concerts in Sydney have already started, and are quite happening.
Earth Fest ‘Live’ Blog

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Mari kita bomb dia!

It’s comforting to know that no matter how objectionable one finds one’s country’s senior statesmen’s statements, the neighbouring country’s senior statesmen always manage to trump ours.

…(the) MIGs are given, are sold to us without any condition, if you feel like bombing Singapore, for example, the Russians are not going to object…

…But this great aircraft called F-18, which we bought from America, after buying it, after several months, I got to know that this aircraft cannot be used for any attacks against any country, even if this is not Singapore.

Mahathir is da bomb!

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Singapore rated in bottom 10 of world’s most courteous cities

Talking CockReaders’ Digest surveys are skewed. Our fair country rates lowly among the courteous cities of this world (bottom ten leh!) only because in our First World nation with First World amenities, doors open and close themselves and most public toilets have automatic flushes.

We don’t need to be courteous! We have machines to be courteous on our behalf! Serious! You’ve been spoken to by those very courteous talking lifts which very kindly not only tell you what floor your lift has stopped at, they also tell you if the door is opening or closing.

So misleading, these surveys.

The Most Courteous Cities
1 New York, USA 80 per cent
2 Zurich, Switzerland 77 per cent
3 Toronto, Canada 70 per cent
4 Berlin, Germany 68 per cent
San Paulo, Brazil 68 per cent
Zagreb, Croatia 68 per cent
7 Auckland, New Zealand 67 per cent
Warsaw, Poland 67 per cent
9 Mexico City, Mexico 65 per cent
10 Stockholm, Sweden 63 per cent
11 Budapest, Hungary 60 per cent
Madrid, Spain 60 per cent
Prague, Czech Republic 60 per cent
Vienna, Austria 60 per cent
15 Buenos Aires, Argentina 57 per cent
Johannesburg, SA 57 per cent
Lisbon, Portugal 57 per cent
London, UK 57 per cent
Paris, France 57 per cent

The Least Courteous Cities
20 Amsterdam, Netherlands 52 per cent
21 Helsinki, Finland 48 per cent
Manila, Philippines 48 per cent
23 Milan, Italy 47 per cent
Sydney, Australia 47 per cent
25 Bangkok, Thailand 45 per cent
Hong Kong 45 per cent
Ljubljana, Slovenia 45 per cent
28 Jakarta, Indonesia 43 per cent
29 Taipei, Taiwan 43 per cent
30 Moscow, Russia 42 per cent
Singapore 42 per cent
32 Seoul, South Korea 40 per cent
33 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 37 per cent
34 Bucharest, Romania 35 per cent
35 Mumbai, India 32 per cent

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