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  • Now we’re really left behind

    There will be murmurs about how Singapore should repeal S377A of the Penal Code now that China has apparently ‘showcased‘ a gay marriage in one of their official news outlets. But they’ll just be murmurs, cos you know how things are. Doesn’t matter if India has repealed their s377A, and China has (sort of) embraced…

  • Nice

    Naomi and I were bummed we couldn’t join the other pink dotters at Hong Lim Park yesterday. It warms the cockles of one’s heart to see people gathering for something as nice as forming the letters of the word ‘love’, doesn’t it?

  • Tru Loved

    Just wondering if this film will be released here. [poll id=”10″]

  • The middle sexes

    So, there’s this debate that went on in Parliament where the outcome was never going to be surprising, even if it took even the Prime Minister’s take on the matter to settle the issue and put us all on the straight and narrow. Most unfortunately though, some of my closest friends will remain law-breakers and…