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  • Democracy Doesn’t Mean The Minority Must Shut Up

    That is how we work together for the good of EVERYONE in this country. So, please, stop gloating and thinking that that’s the end of the debate on S377A and every other minority right.

  • Support Lim Swee Say In Spite Of What He Says

    TL;DR version: Support Lim Swee Say, but let other voices help in steering the labour movement. The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) was forged in days of a different political landscape. It had its genesis in the founding of what later became the dominant political party. It served its purpose then, galvanising the rank and…

  • A Few Things About Tan Chuan-Jin

    TL:DR version: If I lived in Marine Parade and it was an SMC, I’d vote for Tan Chuan-Jin, because he’s the real deal. Too bad he’s got ‘Self-Check’ Goh Chok Tong as his GRC mate. I lost touch with Chuan-Jin, or CJ as I remembered him in school, the moment he left for RJC. He…