Halloween en blocked

Pollinated Jake

No, the yellow stains on Jake wasn’t because we were dressing him up for tricks or treats. Neither did he soil himself.

The stains are from him brushing up against pollen from a bouquet of lilies. So, if you buy a bunch of these flowers and put them in a vase because you think they look and smell nice, it’s useful to remove the whatsits that hold the pollen, even if you don’t have a cat that tries to spread the stuff all over himself and the house.

As far as Halloween is concerned, no-one turned up at our door this year, even after we took the trouble of fixing the doorbell and buying a bunch of candy (ok, one bag) from the supermarket. I dunno. Maybe the kids are taking a leaf out of adults’ blaming en-bloc for everything: “Haiyah, en bloc already lah, you think they’ll fix the lift?”; “Haiyah, en bloc already lah, you think they’ll have candy for trick or treat?”

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