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  • Adrian Pang Does A Porno?

    Sex.Violence.FamilyValues – Adrian Pang does a porno?? from Ken Kwek on Vimeo. Official film website:

  • Jesus Henry Christ

    We went to a Screen Singapore red carpet screening of ‘Jesus Henry Christ‘, and enjoyed it tremendously. It was a cute, zany, interesting film. And you must watch it if you can, not least because it’s produced by my JC mate Sukee Chew. TTS – Jesus Henry Christ Trailer 1 by virgii_

  • Fireflies in the garden

    It’s not very often that you get to say, “my friend produced a movie that stars Julia Roberts”, so I’m saying my friend produced this movie that stars Julia Roberts (and Willem Dafoe et al) which will be screened at the Singapore Film Festival on 25th April. According to her (my friend, not Julia Roberts),…

  • Tru Loved

    Just wondering if this film will be released here. [poll id=”10″]

  • Coming Soon: Simple Jack

    Check it out. Stars Tugg Speedman.