Khao Neow was the loser on the day

The Contender

I.Z. Reloaded was incensed about AXN‘s The Contender Asia imposing a gag order on the press attending the final of the The Contender Asia event.

If you don’t watch The Contender Asia or AXN, The Contender Asia is basically a “reality” program featuring a competition where competitors Muay Thai each other until they become Khao Neow Ma Muang. The person that most resembles Khao Neow is usually the loser of the match. The winner of all the matches is The Contender Asia. Something like that, make sure you steam the coconut rice properly.

So anyway, the producers of The Contender Asia told reporters attending the match they were not to report on the result of the match until April 24, after the match, which was fought last night, is transmitted on AXN on April 23.

I suppose this is so that people who didn’t attend the match and wanted to watch the match on April 23 can do so without getting their entertainment ruined by knowing the result. Very thoughtful.

Not so thoughtful is the choice of host in Jaymee Ong. She must be really tired, and needs to get her vocal cords oiled because she sounds really squeaky.

Completely useless Christmas gifts: Taser C2

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OK, this is so not “completely useless”, I hear you say. Especially since the UN has defined the Taser as a weapon of torture.

It is, however, dangerous, because it’s such a nice looking gadget (“available in four designer colors”), and one that is likely to be mistaken for a new fangled electric shaver. The basic C2 model starts from US$350, has a range of up to 15 feet, so your would be assailants can turn into once were would be assailants at the touch of a button.

Light up your Christmas with one now!

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Completely useless Christmas gifts: The Back Up

When I was in the Army, someone gave me a gift which was supposed to be the China Army version of the Swiss Army knife. We know the latter to be chock full of useful tools which you might need, like a foldaway magnifying glass to look for the tiny screw which you’ve struggled to place in an equally tiny hole with your tiny screwdriver from the same tool.

But the China Army knife came one (or two) better – there was a foldaway fork and a foldaway spoon, so that you could eat your foldaway meals without using your fingers. Problem was, you could only use one of them at a time, even though the spoon and fork folded out at opposite ends of the tool.

Here’s a gift idea that’s just as useless, and which we saw featured on Fox News, it’s called “The Back Up“, and it’s a cradle that attaches to your bed for to cradle your shotgun where you can reach it while you sleep. “Keep Your Gun By Your Side!”, says the website, “Put your shotgun where you an reach it, instead of some out of the way place where it does you no good!”

As you can imagine, it’s not the gift for everyone. Or as one of the commenters on the YouTube page quips, “This is only for fools who don’t wear their shoulder holster to bed”.

“I told you a thousand times before, put your gun in The Back Up, that’s what I bought it for!”

“But darling, that’s not my gun. It’s loaded though”.

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