1 Million kg Challenge

We’re into the third month of the new year, and while I’m glad I didn’t make any health-related resolutions to break, I haven’t done anything for my health apart from an alcohol fast that ended when I went on holiday last month (walau, Hokkaido is home to many first class breweries, can?)

But that’s going to change with another HPB initiative. The 1Million kg Challenge aims to make the whole country lose 1 million kg through healthy choices in diet and fitness. That hopefully will make Singapore light enough to be towed out of this region and away from the haze.

So if you don’t want to be in the haze*, and want to be healthy, do sign up for the challenge at to pledge your weight loss or complete healthy tasks to be rewarded** with prizes.
1MKGC Blogger Challenge - MIYAGI
The other challenge the HPB has initiated is this #1mkg Blogger Challenge. mrbrown, DanielFoodDiary, and myself will try to get as many people signing up on the 1 Million kg Challenge portal. Please click through this link or my picture on the right to sign up, and I’ll be credited with the referral.

This is where I beg and grovel for your help. Because if I come in last, they’re going to make me do something humiliating, like wearing spandex and doing hot yoga or something. So, tolong. Because mrbrown looks better in spandex than I do.

Over the next three weeks, mrbrown, DanielFoodDiary, and myself will be talking about our challenges in becoming healthy. We’ll be accompanied and mentored by the evil Dr Leslie Tay, who will torture us with tales of tasty hawker food while telling us it’s bad for us.

mrbrown and myself will also be at Ngee Ann City this Saturday between 3 and 4pm, supporting the launch of this campaign. Come and have a chat with us, and maybe give us your weight loss tips.

Think you’re up for the challenge? If so, then it’s game on! #campaign4mrbrown2wearspandex!

*sorry, joking. Haze beyond our control
**minimum system requirements: participants must be between 18 and 64 years old, and have an existing BMI of between 18.5 to 37.4

Confinement tips

Baby Kai
With this potion, I shall be invincible…. muahahahahaha!

We’ve had lots of advice on Naomi’s recovery, ranging mostly from slight quackery (cannot drink cold water) to pure quackery (cannot drink plain water unless it’s mixed with ground eye of newt, stirred counter-clockwise, on the cusp of a partial or total eclipse of the moon).

Naomi’s also been told she has to wear socks when walking around the house, because your Caesarean wound won’t heal properly if you don’t wear socks, never mind the head trauma when you slip and fall on the tiled floor.

There’s also the no-shower rule, which, shhh… don’t tell the rellies, we’ve flouted every day since Kai was born. And then there’s the diet.

Relatives have been convening every other day to discuss the merits of eating chicken, and whether eggs are also in the same controlled substance list, and whether to follow Chapter 75 or 127 of the Book of Quackery, which has conflicting advice but no provision for arbitration.

Our Confinement Nanny, although from the School of No Chicken Means No Eggs Confinement Diet, has demonstrated herself to be more of a moderate, thankfully. She lets Naomi shower, and she cooks a mean meal – we were treated last night to home-made char siew, can you believe that?

This morning, she also gave us this gem of a tip (maybe you already know this, but we’re slow like that, see?):

Store your wet wipes upside down (with the opening at the bottom). This way, your wet wipes are always… um… more wet.