Sorry mosquito not in

Couple of days ago, an NEA agent rang our doorbell and would’ve asked to enter our apartment if not for the fact I had the dog on the leash and was about to go let him water the plants when I opened the door.

I had read about how some family was robbed by bogus NEA mosquito inspectors but I had met this particular agent before so I assumed he wasn’t up to no good. He simply asked ‘so far no problem’?

I would’ve said, ‘no, my mosquitoes are doing really well, thanks for asking’, if I had thought of it. Sadly, I didn’t, and I doubt if the NEA guy would have appreciated it anyway.

Mosquito Raiders

Asian Tiger Mosquito

For all the bad press the NEA has been receiving, they’ve been pretty prompt about addressing my concerns about mosquito-breeding in my neighbourhood.

I emailed them recently about the increase in mozzies due to the many condo construction sites that’ve suddenly appeared, and also about the lack of recycle bins in our apartment block.

They were quick to respond. NEA officers came two days later and inspected our apartment (always check the whistleblower first) and then told me that there were no dengue mosquitoes in the area, and that the bungalow next door’s swimming pool was merely used as an aquarium, and did not house any larvae, ugly as it looked with the layer of scum on top.

Fogging has been carried out regularly, and we’re pleased because of that. We certainly don’t want a repeat of what happened to Kai last May.

The NEA also informed me that the management of our condo had been compelled by law to place recycle bins on premises, and to contract a recyclable waste collector company to come and pick up our recyclable trash.

I’m happy to report that yes, there are bins, finally.

Thank you NEA! Thank you Condo Management! You should now place those bins where everyone’s maids can see. Not so good to put them in the men’s changing room.

Mosquito spot check

200812041153.jpgWe had a really late night, and the only remedy was for a later wake up but that plan was thwarted by the door bell ringing and the dog barking.

I threw on some clothes and went to answer the door, then I took off my t-shirt, put it on the right way round and opened the door to find two uniformed gentlemen telling me they were from the NEA and that they were doing a mosquito spot check and sorry to wake me up.

I said my mosquitoes are doing well, thank you, how come no one called beforehand this is so inconvenient and disruptive?

This is a spot check sir, we don’t call beforehand, this will only take five minutes, so sorry.

So they came into the house, and with their expert vision, scanned the living room, kitchen and laundry and told me, “it looks ok, thank you”.

They didn’t give me any stickers or certificates that say my mosquitoes passed the test, so I suppose it’s like random breath testing – if you have mozzies, you fail and don’t deserve to live kinda thing so this intrusion is totally justified.

So I don’t know when the next mosquito spot check will be, and we’re all on our toes here – us and the mozzies.