Baby Aglio Olio

Cradle capKai has sensitive skin, just like his Papa, who was ridiculed from a young age when he declared to the Singapore Armed Forces medical board that he was allergic to grass and to his own perspiration.

Those ain’t rosy cheeks you’re looking at on Kai’s cute little face. Those are dry, inflamed patches where he’s smeared his drool with his hands. We’re using up moisturizer faster than you can say “Dear Kiehls, we need more baby products!”

The other thing we’ve been instructed by the pediatrician to do is to smear olive oil on his scalp because the poor bub’s got quite a bad case of cradle cap. (Haha, you said cable crap! You did! You did!)

He’s also just had his second round of the rotavirus vaccine, so for the last four days he’s been passing what the pediatrician describes as “loose stools”, so we’ve been changing his diapers full of wanton poop more often as well.

Moisturizer, olive oil and poop make for a wondrous nursery smell.