Dawn of realisation

Al fresco at the Imperial CafeFor more than four years, I’ve been buying my takeaway coffees from the Imperial Cafe & Pub on McCallum Street, and it’s only just now that I realised why the tables and chairs are placed so that patrons who dine in get to face McCallum Street and the silver-grey office block across it.

When a traffic police patrol bike comes along, as one did this afternoon, ridden by the shortest traffic policeman on motorcycle I have ever seen – his boots could only touch the ground one at a time when he was on the bike – the patrons are alerted by the proprietor of the Imperial, who simply mumbles ‘lai liao, lai liao’.

There’s a mad dash across McCallum Street by about half a dozen courier riders and deliverymen who run off to move their vehicles which are illegally parked on the street as well as on the side lane.

No one gets booked this afternoon, as the policeman seems like a nice enough fella, standing around till all the illegally parked vehicles have cleared the area before getting back on his bike and riding off.

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One plus one is…

Thank you for helping me with Math

Thank you for helping me with Math II

If you wanted a glossary of beverage definitions, go no further than Olio Dome, because their menus are like that, describing to the last drop what you might order, just so you’re never in any doubt that a beverage like a double espresso actually contains two shots of espressos and not one. Because that would make it a single.

Same thing with the double cappuccino. Two shots, you know? Then it becomes a double, you know? And that’s a stronger coffee, you know? You order it if you like your coffee stronger you know?

Eh, how you know I used to be from the Department of Redundancy Department?

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Many miles to go

Drinks break
And many more coffee breaks on the way

I’m having a week like no other doing stuff for the wedding ceremonies. Like doing last minute arrangements with florists, last minute arrangements with the caterers, and last minute arrangements with the photographers.

I read somewhere that a day’s lack of sleep can cause your IQ to drop by as much as ten points. Or is it ten sleep of points drops your IQ by a day? Or sleep ten days? Or IQ sleep? Or ah fuckit never mind lah.


Please bear with the music

I went for a coffee break just now, and discovered a little, oft-forgotten quirk in our coffee shops.

As I was preparing to pay for my kopi-o, I wasn’t sure if the price had gone up from 50c to 60c or 60c to 70c, so I laid my coins out on the table for the auntie to collect.

She told me it was only 60c, and then asked, 你有 shilling å•Š?‘, pointing at the coins on the table, and asking, “can change shilling for me?”

What she meant was, she wanted to give me a $2 note in exchange for the two $1 coins I had on the table.

Fair exchange, I thought, but it struck me strange that so many decades after we’ve stopped being a British colony, and even more decades since the British started using decimal denomination in their oddly named currency, the coffee shop auntie still refers to small change as ‘shillings’.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 1 May 2006: the persistently non-political podcast no. 6
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That’s mean

Marmalade Kitchen

It’s no good to make fun of people when they mispronounce things. It’s the bad English karma, you know, where you end up mispronouncing something the same way as the person you’ve made fun of.

I’m talking about when people say, ‘that’s mean‘, in this context:

“This thing is very complicated. That’s mean I find it very difficult to do”.

Get what I mean?

Yes? Well, then, that’s mean you are very clever.

Today, I was told to make a reservation at the Marmalade Kitchen, so I laughed and said, ‘Marmalade Pantry’ lah, before calling up Marmalade Pantry and asking if it was the Marmalade Kitchen.

That’s mean I was laughed at right back.

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