Error error bee

I was doing some research into external law courses and called up the agents representing one of the external LLB programmes.

A heavily PRC accented voice answered and the person behind the voice tried very hard to comprehend my enquiry, which was, “where can I get more information about admission criteria for the LLB course?”

“Which course?”, said the heavily accented voice.

“LLB”, said I.

“Er, sorry, which course?” asked the voice again.

“LLB”, again I said.

“Error, error B? Uh, I dunno that course”, said the voice.

“Law”, I said.

“Orh. Law. OK”.


“Uh, the persng in charge eeser notte eeng, maybe you give me your telephong number I gette the persng to call you back”.

“Uh… OK”.

Don’t laugh. 1.3 billion people can’t be all wrong, and they have different methods of teaching English.

(via Jiahao Chen (thanks dude))