Loyal Reader Lincoln told us Wednesday that staff at Akashi reckon that their Chicken Karaage is “better than KFC”.

That’s no way to describe your own chicken. Like I’ve heard somewhere else, even General Tso’s trumps Colonel Sanders’ just on rank.

The Chicken Karaage alone is worth a visit to Akashi, and as their staff told Loyal Reader Lincoln when he told them that I had never dined there, “what, your friend not local ah?”

It is that popular, and I was amazed to be told that the mid-week crowd we witnessed was already poor by their standards. They obviously don’t need any more publicity.

Loyal Reader Lincoln says that if he were a blogger, he wouldn’t blog so much about restaurants that are really good, because it’d just add to the queues (like the one at Ramen Santouka) and you’d have difficulty trying to get to eat there again. But because I’m the caring and sharing type of blogger, I’m blogging about Akashi, and I want to tell the staff that their chicken karaage is so good, they can go tell Colonel Sanders, “eh, lick my finger”.


Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Orchard Parade Hotel)

1 Tanglin Road #01-01A Orchard Parade Hotel. Tel: 6732 4438