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  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #2: A Great Singapore Novel

    OK, this one’s too easy – you just point your friends to the link on iTunes to download the latest from Singapore’s best-selling novelist. Really good if you’re looking to send someone living overseas something for Christmas, and especially when you’re looking for something really Singaporean. Download it here. Follow on Facebook.

  • Useful Christmas Gifts #3: Singapore’s Greatest Disasters

    This collection of short stories is written by Malcolm Oei. Set to some of Singapore’s most notorious events like the Nicoll Highway collapse, the Bukit Ho Swee fire and the SQ hijack, they are made all the more compelling by the fact that we have a piss poor reputation of investigative journalism. You’ll want to…

  • Sign of things to come

    …”but sales are not as brisk as was hoped for because of the credit crunch”.And when I turned the cover of the book at Borders, I found that it was first published and printed next year: