Eating the twelve days of Christmas

Meat lovers' Christmas lunch

Meat lovers’ Christmas lunch

We ate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and we’re probably gonna be eating the weekend as well.

We’ve been feasting so much because you gotta have turkey and you gotta have ham, and those things can only come in certain sizes – there’s no fun-sized turkeys or hams – they’re big birds and um… pigs.

And while we were at it, we had a leg of lamb as well. Just the one leg, so it wasn’t that bad.

Still Christmas Eve dinner and the leftover meals were enough to give you indigestion and nightmares – which is a small price to pay, really.

Unless of course, your nightmares were about being a tv or radio presenter, all glammed up, but when you opened your mouth, the only thing that came out of your mouth was the phrase, “Only on AXN“, spoken exactly like Jaymee Ong, which is exactly like the sound a door makes when its hinges need oiling.

It’s a horrible dream, and I wish no one ever suffers one like that, much less actually really sound like that when they speak.

Double boiled pear dessertDouble-boiled pear dessert made by my aunt

Mum's Nespresso machine

The Nespresso machine’s pretty handy with Christmas lunch-induced coma

Khao Neow was the loser on the day

The Contender

I.Z. Reloaded was incensed about AXN‘s The Contender Asia imposing a gag order on the press attending the final of the The Contender Asia event.

If you don’t watch The Contender Asia or AXN, The Contender Asia is basically a “reality” program featuring a competition where competitors Muay Thai each other until they become Khao Neow Ma Muang. The person that most resembles Khao Neow is usually the loser of the match. The winner of all the matches is The Contender Asia. Something like that, make sure you steam the coconut rice properly.

So anyway, the producers of The Contender Asia told reporters attending the match they were not to report on the result of the match until April 24, after the match, which was fought last night, is transmitted on AXN on April 23.

I suppose this is so that people who didn’t attend the match and wanted to watch the match on April 23 can do so without getting their entertainment ruined by knowing the result. Very thoughtful.

Not so thoughtful is the choice of host in Jaymee Ong. She must be really tired, and needs to get her vocal cords oiled because she sounds really squeaky.