Got milk?


These are things you shouldn’t even have to think about, but now, you have to, because some idiot put melamine in milk.

Before you go away thinking it’s okay because you’re a snob and you don’t drink milk products from China and Dutch Lady is not really your kinda brand of strawberry milk, here’s some dairy food for thought:

This evening an always well-meaning friend of ours sent us an sms telling us about the AVA’s recall of many foods with milk content – and we’re talking about non-China brands of confectionery.

We scrambled online onto the AVA’s site and found it still just lists Yili Brand Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection, Dutch Lady and White Rabbit Creamy Candy as the products recalled from Singapore shelves, while they have “suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China”.

Maybe they’re just taking things off the shelves quietly and testing them for melamine, and once confirmed, they’ll announce total recall of every blardy thing.

I bought a bunch of Cornettos and Magnums a few days ago without checking where they were made. We’ve eaten the Cornettos already, and the remaining Magnum’s wrapper says its “Country of Origin” is Germany, which still doesn’t mean it’s completely safe, because if the Dutch Lady gets her milk from China, who is to say where the Kraut Frau gets hers?

My fancy vanilla ice-cream from Dreyers is made by Nestlé in Hong Kong, which is in China, which means in all likelihood, will contain milk from one of the major China milk suppliers.

I’d strongly recommend everyone double checking their food labels – and when in doubt, don’t eat it.