Category: Places

  • Qing Ming 2018

    I was in a cab last week and the driver complained about how it was crowded around the Sin Ming area because it was the “last weekend” of Qing Ming. So to assuage my guilt about completely forgetting to visit my parents’ tombs (they after-live separately – Mum’s buried in Choa Chu Kang, and Pa’s…

  • Thank you ACS

    I wasn’t in ACS when I was in primary school, and so when I qualified via PSLE to get attend secondary school there, I was thrilled because my Sunday School friends were all ACS boys. And I was terrified, because I hadn’t been an ACS boy.

  • Surprising Sembawang

    What was more interesting when we shot the video, was how the bunch of sixty-something year old uncles and aunties were enjoying the spring, soaking their feet in plastic wash basins and buckets filled with hot spring water.

  • Minejima & Co. Hits The Road

    I’m very happy to announce that Naomi’s new business ‘Minejima & Co.’ will be ensconced at Block 71, Loewen Road, Dempsey Hill, from now till 16th December. Please come by to say hi, and do some of your Christmas shopping here. It’s a great Christmas Market that the folks at Dempsey Hill have put up.…

  • The Dance of The Flaming Arseholes: A Royal Australian Navy Tradition

    Things would get rowdy, as you would imagine, but the sailors from the RAN took the cake – there are photographs of men on the roof of a public toilet in a Bugis Street alleyway, with something alight sticking out from their naked buttocks.