Advertorial: Dove GoFresh


It’s a pity my stay-in reservist days are over (right, MINDEF?), because this Dove GoFresh Shower Gel would’ve come in real handy.

I might have mentioned in many Army story-tellings about how my reservist mates, when we’re done with field training, come back to barracks all muddied and sweaty and how we contemplate with great anticipation the luxury of a cold shower after we’re done cleaning our two dozen weapons that we’ve regretted firing so much ammunition from, because, as those in the know will tell you, the more you shoot, the dirtier the parts get and why can’t they invent a rifle that cleans itself dammit?

It is at this point that the reservists in the barrack bunk take out all manner of toiletries from their cupboards, and we start to discuss the merits of the different stuff we use because as gung-ho combat armoured troopers who are at our country’s beck and call, we need to smell nice and feel clean.

A typical conversation while we’re re-assembling our weapons might go like this:

M203 Grenadier / Citibank Personal Banker: “Eh, 你这个 shower gel 好用吗?

Section Automatic Weapon Gunner / Secondary School Teacher: “我用是好用啦。你 try 来看咯。“

M203 Grenadier / Citibank Personal Banker: “OK, thanks ah.”

Section Automatic Weapon Gunner / Secondary School Teacher : “你不要把他用到完 啊, 不然我把这个 five-piece rod 放在你的 backside!”

It’s a good thing I didn’t get that kind of threat from the nice people at Dove, who’ve very kindly given me a whole (small) bottle of Green Tea and Cucumber scented Dove GoFresh for me to 用到完 till my heart’s content.

I like nice-smelling things that make me clean at the same time. And while previously, like many of my reservist mates, I used to be a plain soap and water kinda guy, age and dry skin has pushed me to use slightly more delicate products, and while I’m not exactly a discerning fella when it comes to choosing these things, I do like soaps that moisturize slightly without making me feel as if I’ve accidentally washed myself with hair conditioner.

And as for singing in the shower, well, just like everyone else, the odd reservist does belt it out for the whole platoon to hear, only it’s not appreciated as much – and that’s understandable when there’s only 6 shower stalls to share between 50 guys, and there’s a queue of troopers in towels waiting their turn.

Instead of “Encore”, you’ll probably hear something like “Oi! One verse enough, no need to sing the chorus two times! Hurry up! 不然我放 five piece rod 在你的 backside!”

If you do need a more appreciative audience (apart from yourself or your loved one) when you sing in the shower, you might want to sign up for Dove’s gofresh ShowerOK! Competition, to be held from 31 July till 8 August at Vivo City.

Your audience can then vote for you on, where your recorded performances are uploaded, and they might win an iPod Touch for their efforts as well.

And if you sing and win, you stand a chance of winning a private yacht party “fit for a ShowerOK star!”

So get down there on those days between 12 and 8pm, and get your questions answered.

“What questions?”, you may well ask. Well, such as, “Am I really a good singer, or is my wife just humouring me?”, and, “Are they going to be totally nekkid at VivoCity in front of thousands of people?”