#KaiFly at iFly Singapore

#KaiFly Full Face
Kyra Poh of Team Firefly very kindly lent #KaiFly her old full face helmet today.

Our son Kai has taken to indoor skydiving like – I don’t want to say ‘a fish to water’ so we’ll just say he likes it very much, and that he’s learning pretty quickly. He’s been wanting to fly since he was four, and has waited three years for his first flight because the minimum age for flying in the wind tunnel is seven.

On his seventh birthday in April, we asked him where he’d like to go, since it was his day and he said without hesitation, “Sentosa, iFly”.

Before his first flight, he had a good few months looking up to our homegrown, world-beating Team Firefly, which comprises two 14-year olds, Kyra Poh and Choo Yixuan. Several times, he declared, “I want to be in Team Firefly”, and so you can imagine he was absolutely thrilled when we surprised him on his birthday with flights at iFly Singapore, and a meeting with his idol Kyra.

Today, with the windspeed up high enough for Kyra to fly with him, and with him being stable (and skilful) enough to fly at that higher windspeed – the two got to trade moves and play tag in the tunnel. The payoff for us? Just check out that beaming face behind the helmet’s visor.

Stay tuned as we track Kai’s progress in the sport he’s fallen in love with. We call it #KaiFly – so you can try searching this tag across other social media platforms.