Should we can the Singapore Grand Prix?

I don’t follow motor-racing, and I think I had to ask several people on Sunday night who won this year’s big race, and it was several minutes again before I realized Vettel was a person and not a brand of bottled water.

The taxi driver whose cab I rode in on Sunday night was sheepish at first when he didn’t know who won, then he seemed pleased that I shared his indifference at the world’s only night Formula One race.

The conversation turned to other things and cabbie witticisms soon took over the tone of the ride:

“Singapore night life very active. Got Night Race, got Night Safari and got Night Bird Park”.

“Night Bird Park? Got meh?”

“Got! Geylang lor!”


Catch Willy & Make Him Do Tricks

A bit late, but here’s what I wrote about the whole “cyber-bullying” RWS thing:

It was decided a long time ago, that we would have an Asian twist to the attractions afforded by Integrated Resorts like Resorts World Sentosa. Our Asian, twisted types need our fill of beauty pageants, sharksfin soup, performing circus animals and if we made our version of the movie “Free Willy”, it would be titled “Catch Willy & Make Him Do Tricks”.


Let’s Rock Elmo

Hasbro’s Let’s Rock Elmo rocked the Toy Fair in New York earlier this year.

I’ll leave it to the video presentation made at the Fair, and leave it to you to decide who is potentially more irritating, Elmo or the presenter:

Hasbro very kindly gave Kai a basic set (without the extra instruments) last week which we put to use immediately. Kai’s verdict? He loves Elmo. He danced and sang and ran around the room while Elmo rocked. Naomi and I are usually averse to toys which are full of sound and lights, but Let’s Rock Elmo seemed to interact with Kai in a healthy way.

What we didn’t expect was the exchange between Elmo and Kai after they’d acquainted themselves with each other:

Elmo: Please give Elmo the drums.

Kai: No! No no no no, no! Kai play drums!

I suppose it wouldn’t really be rock ‘n’ roll without artistic disagreement.

Let’s Rock Elmo is designed for kids aged 18 months and up, and retails for S$129.90. Add-ons include Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard (S$36.90), Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar (S$36.90) and Let’s Rock Grover Microphone (S$26.90).

If you’re beginning to think of Christmas presents for the kids, this is definitely an option.

If you’re hoping for a chance to score a basic set of Let’s Rock Elmo, here’s the place for it: Hasbro has given me one set to give to a lucky winner. Here is how you stand a chance: Send in a pic or video of your kid (18 months to 3 years) playing a musical instrument or singing or both. You can either post the photo here or link to a separate page. Contest will close 20 October 2011.

Hurry, grab your kid and Let’s Rock! (And tell your friends!)