Useful Christmas Gifts #1: Frozen Sausage Stylus for iPhone/iPad

If you’ve got friends and family in colder climes, you might want to think about sending this gift their way, because apparently when it gets too cold to go gloveless, it might get a little difficult to operate a touch screen device like an iPhone or iPad.

So, people in Korea have been buying frozen sausages to use as a stylus.

(Or you could just get them this. But hey, you can’t eat the gloves).

Even the rain smells good

I wouldn’t say I’ve never felt so happy to be home, because I felt like that after spending three weeks in reservist training five years ago.

But because it was not exactly happy circumstances which made my little family make our first overseas trip together, and because of the awful Shanghainese air, we took deep, grateful breaths of haze-free, 90% humid air when we got back last Friday morning.

It has been a harrowing fortnight, and I’m still so tired I haven’t been able to make full sense of everything. Naomi’s worse off. It will take awhile.