Month: June 2010

  • Channel Newsasia makes a meal of a vulnerable species of fish

    First published on Our very own Channel Newsasia ignores the fact that the Giant Garoupa or Queensland Grouper was put on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2006, and instead celebrates the story of a restaurateur who bought one this week and is selling it to customers at $20 per 200g. via Channel…

  • Not good to be in the news the same day as Sumiko Tan’s Hurricane

    Oh well. Not that it’s that big a deal being completely overshadowed by “Singapore’s Carrie Bradshaw“, and the floods.

  • MRT train slower than football fan

    If an artist can get away with tagging an MRT carriage for two days without staff noticing anything amiss, it shouldn’t be that far fetched that some football nut can somehow outrun the train and make it to the next station before it does.

  • For the newcomers to this country

    “I hope that all of us are convinced that this country is for all races, and will have four official languages. But Malay will be the National and the common language. If you don’t learn the National Language, you will have yourself to blame. Without knowledge of it, it will be difficult for you to…

  • Our son is iPhone native

    I’ve always been led to think that babies start saying their first word out of the blue, and start walking unaided all of a sudden. Kai can walk now, albeit with his arms in the air holding on to invisible parachute straps. But that has taken about a fortnight of taking one, then two unaided…