haato ice creams are safe

haato is safe for consumption
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We have it on good authority that haato ice-creams are safe from tainted milk.

The AVA went and did a check on them and found that their ice creams are completely free of melamine, because their milk comes from Australia, where they are quite stringent about people putting things used in the manufacture of plastics into their milk.

Not only that, the owners of haato have taken the trouble of going through their inventory of other stuff, like the cookies and other confections they use in their offerings, to make sure that they are also free from Chinese Melamine Milk.

Again, I urge everyone to check their food labels, and when in doubt, don’t eat the stuff. Then go out and buy some haato and soothe yourselves.


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The Singapore formula for ethnic harmony

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It is diabolically simple – just don’t talk about it. When you don’t raise race issues, they won’t surface, and everyone is none the wiser, and Confucius did say something to the effect of doing away with knowledge and grief consequentially not being known.

It makes me really upset to hear about the Police disallowing a Speakers’ Corner application to speak about the CAAS not having Tamil language signboards at Changi Airport (they have English, Chinese, Malay and Japanese ones).

I thought there was some liberalisation or something, and that the National Parks were in charge now, but apparently, it now seems if the Parks receive applications with keywords like “race”, “language” and “religion”, they refer them to the police to be disallowed.

When pressed, the CAAS, who, bless their hearts, are doing a fine job of running airports, but who need PR people desperately, apparently responded like this:

The CAAS replied last week that directional signboards were previously only in English. From April 2005, they were also in Chinese, Malay and Japanese, to cater to the large number of visitors speaking those languages.

As English was India’s second language, it was advised by the Singapore Tourism Board that English signs were sufficient.

Bravo, Singapore Tourism Board too. So English comes second, between Hindi and Tamil, issit?

I hear they’re changing the lines of the National Pledge:

...pledge ourselves as one united people who will not talk about race, language or religion… to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

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Got hope lah

If just some of the ill-mannered kids grow up to become selfless heroes, like 2LT Kok Khew Fai, who is just 20, and has done something you think you only read about in books or see it in the movies.

If you haven’t already heard, the instructor-officer was accompanying his recruits at a live grenade throwing exercise when one of his recruits drops his grenade on the backswing instead of lobbing it forward, landing it about 4m behind where they’re standing.

There is about 5 seconds before the grenade detonates, and I’d like to think that both 2LT Kok and the recruit took this time to mutter a hellalotta expletives, as the young officer dived on top of the recruit to shield him from the detonation.

Dived on top of the recruit to shield him.

That’s selfless, even though the design of the grenade bay makes it quite hard to get hurt, apparently, unless you were to bang your head repeatedly against the blast-proof wall.

Mothers, quickly, instill this kind of behaviour in your kids – go make them clean up after themselves at the hawker centre.

Got milk?


These are things you shouldn’t even have to think about, but now, you have to, because some idiot put melamine in milk.

Before you go away thinking it’s okay because you’re a snob and you don’t drink milk products from China and Dutch Lady is not really your kinda brand of strawberry milk, here’s some dairy food for thought:

This evening an always well-meaning friend of ours sent us an sms telling us about the AVA’s recall of many foods with milk content – and we’re talking about non-China brands of confectionery.

We scrambled online onto the AVA’s site and found it still just lists Yili Brand Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection, Dutch Lady and White Rabbit Creamy Candy as the products recalled from Singapore shelves, while they have “suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China”.

Maybe they’re just taking things off the shelves quietly and testing them for melamine, and once confirmed, they’ll announce total recall of every blardy thing.

I bought a bunch of Cornettos and Magnums a few days ago without checking where they were made. We’ve eaten the Cornettos already, and the remaining Magnum’s wrapper says its “Country of Origin” is Germany, which still doesn’t mean it’s completely safe, because if the Dutch Lady gets her milk from China, who is to say where the Kraut Frau gets hers?

My fancy vanilla ice-cream from Dreyers is made by Nestlé in Hong Kong, which is in China, which means in all likelihood, will contain milk from one of the major China milk suppliers.

I’d strongly recommend everyone double checking their food labels – and when in doubt, don’t eat it.