Month: July 2008

  • Happiness is not meant to be contained

    Try to suppress a smile and you’ll get a screwed up face like the ones my brother and I are displaying. Try to suppress laughter and you’ll risk busting a gut. There is no such thing as being overjoyed or being overwhelmed with happiness. So often we forget we can never have too much joy…

  • Steeples

    The Price is Steeples Steeples Deli calls itself “the 1st deli in Singapore”, and says it was opened in 1981. Before that, we only ever had sandwiches at home. Nobody sold or made sandwiches in shops. No-one. Ever. It was dark days. Mothers complained and said things like “I wish you could buy a sandwich…

  • Before that, every festival was only in 2D

    Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

  • Coming Soon: Simple Jack

    Check it out. Stars Tugg Speedman.

  • What? People steal cars here?

    I had the impression that car thefts were so uncommon in Singapore that people hardly ever bother to install car alarms and other anti-theft systems. But the scintillating New Paper reports that there’s been a spate of SUV thefts – 12 in 2 weeks! The cars are all in Johor or further up north by…