Oh wait, I forget, this is Singapore

“The Singapore School Transport Association reiterated on Saturday that making seat belts mandatory on school buses will reduce their seating capacity.”

Not making them mandatory will also reduce the number of kids taking school buses because they get hurt and killed. Idiots.

Wait, there’s more:

” ‘Implementation is likely to take longer. We need to give schools, parents and bus operators time to adjust to the changes. We want a smooth transition,’ said Mr Jeremy Yap, LTA’s group director for vehicle and transit licensing. “

Complete and utter crap given that they didn’t take very long to implement the very ill-advised no-taxi-stopping-except-at-taxi-stands-because-we-think-it’s-a-good-idea rule.

They’ll adjust to the changes only when more kids die and get hurt. Geddit?

May is the month for moving
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I haven’t blogged for a few days because we’ve been busy arranging our big move to our new premises, and some things are falling into place, although, as with all moves, it’s still a little stressful.

Looking for new premises has had its interesting moments though. There was one landlord who showed us an apartment, and when we asked about a strange looking area behind the kitchen, he said, “oh, that can be the maid’s room. You can put a fridge to block this opening so the maid can have some privacy”.

If we had taken the place and if we did have a maid, that would mean we’d have to make sure we never look around the sides of the fridge lest we invade the maid’s privacy and “outrage her modesty”, as we say in these parts.

There were also other apartments we viewed that looked (and smelled) like they’d never seen daylight, and would never see daylight given the types of rental the landlords were asking for.

But despite all that, we’ve been very blessed to have had a really nice landlord who would’ve let us stay for the same rent if she could. And there are not many landlords send food over (with serving instructions) when they’ve just arrived from overseas.