Positive spin: Singapore Airlines supports Earth Hour

A380 woes

SQ221 bound for Sydney was last night delayed for an hour in support of Earth Hour.

This is the third time (second time in a week) a fuel-line related problem has dogged the new A380 aircraft, and Singapore Airlines is happy to have been able to support the global campaign on behalf of all 400+ passengers.

Nipple-less pro wrestling

I can’t remember if it was in primary school or secondary school, when we were on the football/rugby field, and when sledging was de rigeuer but mostly harmless.

Things like “Your momma must be ugly cos you ugly too” were tossed back and forth. And it took a real sporting talent to come up with a killer taunt/sledge. (The all-time prize goes to Zimbabwean cricketer Eddo Brandes, who when the legendary Australian bowler Glenn McGrath inquired of him with full intent to insult, “Why are you so fat, you fat cunt?”, very quickly but calmly came back with, “Because every time I fuck your wife, she gives me a biscuit”.)

But on our humbler, less talented playing fields, the winner as far as I remember, was this response to a typical “Yo Momma” taunt that sent every player from either team rolling on the grass:

“You… you… you… Your Mother No Nipple!”

OK, I was only reminded of that because of this mildly interesting post about a Pro-Wrestling poster in Florida which has had the nipples of the wrestlers photoshopped out because of a misinterpretation of a law in that state which prohibits the display of (female) nipples.

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Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour 2008

To be honest, I almost forgot about Earth Hour, and only turned off the lights at 8.05pm. Wouldn’t have been funny if I hadn’t remembered at all. Imagine: Oops, I forgot to save the planet. Dang. Gotta set reminders on my PDA next time.

I left the MacBook Pro on, else my consumer-level camera wouldn’t have been able to pick up anything in our living room. We live on the third floor, but our windows face a lot of biggish trees which obscure most of the light coming fromt the street or from other buildings.

Click here to view Earth Hour across the world on Flickr.

Man has sex with picnic table

 “I said ‘have you tried doing it outdoors on the picnic table’, I didn’t say “have you tried doing it outdoors WITH the picnic table”!

An Ohio man was charged with public indecency after his neighbour videotaped him having sex with his picnic table.

“The first video we had, he was completely nude. He would use the hole from the umbrella and have sex with the table…”


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