When time slows down

Roller chair vs Car
One of the very large dents. I would have submitted this to STomp! but they’re full of photos of cars with dents already.

It’s funny how smooth the roads are these days, just because the IMF and World Bank circus was in town recently.

But that didn’t prevent some very large debris from littering the road my brother was driving on, with him suffering a bit of shock and his car suffering dents the size of, well, very large dents.

As he recalled, everything happened in slow motion as he saw a chair – the swivel sort with wheels you’d see in an office – fall off the back of a lorry and break up into two parts as it hit the road. The seat part of the chair hurtled off safely in slow motion while the wheelie part went under another truck in slow motion, and was slungshot into the air in slow motion, where it remained suspended in slow motion for a few slow motion seconds.

There was a sudden loud crashing noise before my brother realised in slow motion that the wheelie part of the chair had landed on his bonnet and bounced off behind his car and onto the road behind him.

For all the slow-motioness that was going on all around him, he somehow had the presence of mind to give chase to the lorry, which was still in slow motion, or even slower, seeing as lorries generally move slower than cars. He got the lorry to pull over and spoke to the driver, who reluctantly gave his details and his company’s telephone number, whereupon my brother called the company and calmly explained what had transpired.

By this time, normal motion had resumed, and the lorry driver was extremely contrite.

A few normal minutes later, my brother mulled over what might have been if the wheelie or any other part of the chair hadn’t had that much luck of the bounce and gone through his windscreen in slow motion instead.

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One plus one is…

Thank you for helping me with Math

Thank you for helping me with Math II

If you wanted a glossary of beverage definitions, go no further than Olio Dome, because their menus are like that, describing to the last drop what you might order, just so you’re never in any doubt that a beverage like a double espresso actually contains two shots of espressos and not one. Because that would make it a single.

Same thing with the double cappuccino. Two shots, you know? Then it becomes a double, you know? And that’s a stronger coffee, you know? You order it if you like your coffee stronger you know?

Eh, how you know I used to be from the Department of Redundancy Department?

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