Malaysia Boh, leh…

Malaysia Boh, leh...In KL over the weekend, I might have been tempted to break the law by buying pirated DVDs from the many pirated DVD stalls in shopping malls. But as providence would have it, I was saved by the quick actions of someone who’d tipped off the vendors about an impending raid by the local constabulary.

Even before I could browse through a single clear folder of DVD title covers, the vendors had already packed up every single thing and left, and the only thing I could do with my money was to spend it legally on a good plate of Won Ton Mee at the stall opposite Plaza Low Yat.

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PM Lee not in reverse gear during Videoblogging Week 2006

What? Misleading headline? Orh. Channel Newsasia taught me how to do that. I learn from the best, see?

Podcasting is not banned! I say again, podcasting is not banned! All youse liberal western press mongrel types, stay! Heel!

Channel News Misleading HeadlineThe Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Dr Balaji Sadasivan, wasn’t quoted properly, I reckon, just as he wasn’t when he spoke about HIV/AIDS and homosexual activity.

So what is the legal status of podcasting during the election period? Dunno? Need help? The world must be a terrible place if Mr Miyagi is to be relied upon to clarify matters. But for the sake of the bewildered populace, I shall try:

Podcasting about the elections during the gazetted election period is not allowed, because it does not fall under the positives in the list of positives mandated under the Parliamentary Elections Act section something something.

This effectively makes it a negative, meaning it is ILLEGAL! Comprende? Non? OK. Say you want to walk down the street from your nice flat in Bishan, down the road to Junction 8. You’d think you could without any legal ramifications. But wait! Look up the statute books! Is ‘walking down the street from your nice flat in Bishan, down the road to Junction 8′ in any list of positives in any Act of Parliament? No, right?


You’ll be glad I helped you out here, and I understand how difficult this legal reasoning stuff is sometimes. After all, I did drop out of law school.

But it’s not election period yet, so mrbrown and myself have resolved to podcasting and videoblogging up a storm, and are participating in Videoblogging Week 2006.

Video Podcast: The WTF! Show Preview Number 1 (Quicktime MOV, Filesize: 11.5mb, Time: 00:01:27)


*for the sake of really clarifying matters, PM Lee is in 4th gear, ok?

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Podcast: Zhng My Car 8

Pam Oei on the mrbrown showSave either the 28th or 29th April (9pm) for Pam Oei’s show at the Esplanade Recital Studio, because it’ll be the best $25 you’ll ever have spent on a 28th or 29th April. I shit you not.

On this podcast, Pam hams it up with Johnny and Mr Miyagi as Mrs Windy Chan, originally from Hong Kong, and asks for her car seat to be raised so she can see the road when she drives, and then asks her Filipino domestic helper to come pick up the car later.

Can Johnny fix the huge dent on Mrs Chan’s SUV, caused by the 3 cyclists she knocked down? Will Johnny repel the advances of Mrs Chan’s highly educated and multi-skilled Filipino maid? Will Miyagi get his car back?

Download now!

Podcast: the mrbrown show 3 April 2006: Zhng My Car 8 (MP3, Filesize: 13mb, Time: 00:25:16)


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Campaign boleh!

Malaysia Boh, leh...Just back from Malaysia, and there are so many things we share in common, you know? Our country and their country?

Here, the authorities care about our privacy, and put up posters telling you not to lose your handphone.

Over there, on every pillar at every PLUS toll station are posters exhorting you to ‘Say No To Porn – Press ALT-F4’.

Dang! I been pressing ‘CMD-Shift-3’ on my Mac all this while and saving screenshots instead of saying no! Thank goodness for this campaign, else I wouldn’t have known.

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