That’s mean

Marmalade Kitchen

It’s no good to make fun of people when they mispronounce things. It’s the bad English karma, you know, where you end up mispronouncing something the same way as the person you’ve made fun of.

I’m talking about when people say, ‘that’s mean‘, in this context:

“This thing is very complicated. That’s mean I find it very difficult to do”.

Get what I mean?

Yes? Well, then, that’s mean you are very clever.

Today, I was told to make a reservation at the Marmalade Kitchen, so I laughed and said, ‘Marmalade Pantry’ lah, before calling up Marmalade Pantry and asking if it was the Marmalade Kitchen.

That’s mean I was laughed at right back.

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Pam Oei
Pam Oei is rocks!

Pamdemonium at the EsplanadePam Oei rocks! We already know that from her spot on our podcasts, but to attend her concert, ‘Pamdemonium’ tonight at the Esplanade, phwoar! Because you’ll run out of superlatives trying to describe how good the show was. So, phwoar! Can?

As mrbrown said as we left, Pam’s very special rendition of ‘I will survive’ is worth the price of admission ($27) alone. Accompanied by a band comprising some of the best musicians in town, she also belts out (I mean, really, really belt out ok?) the baddest rockest songest for your pleasure.

If you haven’t already caught the show, there are two shows left for you to go buy tickets for and watch (Sunday 7.30pm & 9.30pm). And enjoy. You better do it, cos Pam Oei rocks!

Go to it!

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Swing low, sweet lorry-iot

Prison Got No Broadband
Thank you Uber Mommy, for the pic.

Today, a lorry belonging to, or being rented by, a political party drove by our our office several times in an effort to swing my vote. Too bad I don’t live in this area, and too bad I don’t get to vote this year anyway. Else I might have been swung, y’know?

Remember, prison got no broadband!

Podcast: the mrbrown show 28 Apr 2006: the persistently non-political podcast no. 4 (MP3, Filesize: 1.1mb, Time: 00:02:00)


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The Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral

If you’ve read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, you’d have realised that the Lincoln Cathedral is not featured anywhere in the book. (So people tell me, because I haven’t read the book).

It is apparently, however, featured in the movie. But not to worry, you worry-wart Da Vinci Code fans, the Lincoln Cathedral was simply used as a substitute for Westminster Abbey, because, as Mr Miyagi’s intrepid operatives inform him, the production wasn’t allowed to shoot at the real thing, presumably for security reasons – you don’t want terrorists making a documentary or a feature, you know?

But good job, location scouts! The Lincoln Cathedral does look a bit like Westminster, only it’s way up in the north-east of England.

Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)

Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)
Lincoln Cathedral

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Remember, Prison Got No Broadband

Remember, Prison Got No Broadband
No content during election time

So, today’s Nomination Day, and again, I don’t have to vote. Dang! Now I really have to find something to do on the 6th.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 27 Apr 2006: the persistently non-political podcast no. 3 (MP3, Filesize: 1.4mb, Time: 00:02:44)


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