mb: Miyagi gets a beer

Miyagi gets a beer
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Corporal David Tan, ampoule prescription Bravo Combat Team Platoon Seven runner says hi to his darling, sale Renee (

Miyagi got a beer for this last night.

I can totally see a market for this blog. Platform for reservist shout-outs to their loved ones. Payment in beer.

Incidentally, this morning the men are moving out again, for 5 days 4 nights. Wish them well.

TODAY: Food so good you’ll write home about it

… or at least write about it from the comfort of home, as Singaporeans get gastronomical in their blogs2610Vor033 M

DON’T know where to dine? Check bloggers’ reviews.

I recently came across a guide to Singapore food in the Australian newspaper, The Age ( which asserted: “Singaporeans love eating. Anything, at any time.

“To get the best from Singapore eating, it’s advisable to break all the Australian rules. Head for shopping centres. Go to luxury hotels. Indulge in fast food. Look for buffets. And eat something strange.”

Read more at TODAYonline.

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mb: Mr Miyagi takes a canteen break

Mr Miyagi takes a canteen break
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Canteen break. 2 bucks, Aussie, for a Mars bar, $1.50 for a beer.

Even reserbit in Australia also must have canteen break, the sacred and holy ritual of the Singapore soldier, Holy Knight of the Order of National Service. I wonder if they have Bee Hoon with Luncheon meat and Fishcake or not. That was a staple army canteen breakfast for me.

And I don’t see any Strip Mahjong arcade machines either. What kind of army canteen doesn’t have Strip Mahjong arcade machines!! No wonder people say Australia damn ulu leh.

mb: Miyagi back from an exercise

Miyagi back from an exercise
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After four days on exercise, buy cialis Miyagi is back in civilisation. Meaning: got mobile signal. He is still in the boonies though. This is his message:

Queensland sun so hot, find like that also can get sunburned.

Personally, hospital I think he looks like a failed Sith Lord, Darth Helmet. The double-bladed light saber was just too long for this height-challenged Sith Apprentice.

Darth Helmet: Damn that tall Darth Maul for making that light saber model popular!