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The whole debacle was over a racist comment, wasn’t it?

Because E@L is Ang Moh, and I had used the word Ang Moh to describe, well, Ang Mohs, he’s taken offence but also kindly pointed out that Ang Moh is also a racist tag. Any nickname derived from the physical attributes of the members of a race or an ethnic group is a racist tag. And racist tags are bad.

It is going to be a difficult change to eradicate this racist tag from my vocabulary because my Hokkien grandmother is going to have to make do with my explaining that my business partners are from overseas, from America.

She’s going to ask in Hokkien, ‘So, they are Ang Moh, lah?’

And I will have to say, ‘No, actually, their Moh is not that Ang, but they are from America’.

But she will probably say something like, ‘American people are Ang Mohs, what!’

And it will go on. Then the cows will come home. Then a new advertising company will be formed amidst pledges that the rights of workers remain paramount throughout decades of change and advancement.

(Actually, E@L is not so much an Ang Moh as he is a Boh Moh. With my fragile patch slowly but surely growing, I’m a-gonna be one too. So, we’re gonna be brothers, he and I! It’s gonna take some time, but it’ll happen. I’m already made of 10% beer, and closing in on his composition too.)

Her Moh also quite Ang, what!

Surf stop: Val

Vale, Wee Kim Wee; Vale, Krishen Jit
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Hot blog for a hot day

Thank you Rory Daniel and the Sunday Times for featuring this blog on this week’s Hot Blog, which is like, the new Blog of The Week section of Tuesday’s IT Life, which, like, died out after four weeks, like.

So, like, welcome all new readers who had to type in the URL manually, and to the 11 ST Interactive subscribers who clicked on what I assume is a hyperlink there. I’ve nair seen it since they made us pay. Given the situation, I’d rather be Boinged, so I can give y’all a Smashed Chicken treat.

But here can read for free hor. Until they hantam me big big and ask me to take it down cos I’ve infringed their copyright.

But this is what it’s all about isn’t it? Getting traffic? Getting attention? So, while on the topic of hot blogs, I’ve sorta kinda found a solution for bloggers who’ve been under the microscope recently and who may have had to close down their blogs because of the heat they’ve attracted.

This blog service is slightly harder to tweak and edit, but I tell you, your anonymity is so much more easily protected. Thing is, laws of defamation still apply, as they do with every type of publication, online and off, and there’s the added burden of attracting penalties for damaging public and private (not yours) property, if you’re still not careful about protecting your anonymity. (Y’know, like, give you all sorts of firewall and anti-virus shit, and you still go and click on that porn link, your pasal, man).

But anyway, I give you GraffitiTM (different colours and sizes available):

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Kinda hot?

On a really hot day like Saturday was, you’d expect things to go wrong, and you’d get cranky as a result.

Many things went wrong, and I got cranky. I even wanted to smack some people around good.

Then I came home and my father waved an envelope at me, and waved and waved and waved before he placed it and his hand behind his back so I wouldn’t see him waving the envelope. He then said he wanted to go to the post office to post something. I drove us out to the village and we bought some bread, a jar of peanut butter, a packet of M&Ms and a box of biscuits. Then we found a post box to put his envelope into. Then I found an AXS machine to pay my parking fines through. Then I drove us home again.

And in that half hour, I contemplated talking about his having Parkinsons again, but didn’t get round to talking. I don’t think he wanted to either.

Hot enough for ya?
Blazing saddles

Hot enough for ya?
Thankfully, it got cooler.

But it was stew very hot at sunset.

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iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Diana Krall – When I Look In Your Eyes, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.