The Highly Anticipated Return of Morose Man

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And so out of sheer boredom, I went and joined the teeming mass of humanity at Zouk and Wine Bar at the behest of SM. Very bored. Very sheer.

Thursday’s ‘Do you even have a life’ query must’ve struck a raw nerve. I’ve been thinking about this a fair bit. But I think I shall remain in denial for a bit more. There is life outside of work. Heck, I don’t even write about work. Not that I hate work, but it’s just not prudent to talk about work.

At Wine Bar, me and SM had a jug of vodka red bull each, chewing the fat, and getting chatted up by Foreign Men. Not good at all. (Hey, buddy, what’s that you’re drinking? Is it good?) As bad as the time a few years ago when a Foreign Woman whispered in my ear, ‘Hey mate, you know, I’m gay, but I fantasize about having sex with gay men…. d’ya live ’round here?’

I still haven’t brought myself to call my cousin to convey my condolences. My rellies in Seremban are a weird bunch. Every year there’s a death in the family in strange circumstances. Uncle Eddie starved to death last year, and now Auntie Dunnowhatshername collapses in the toilet and no one notices for six hours or till someone else wants to use the loo or something.

Yes, I need a break. I need a holiday. But work’s scheduled till end of November, and I have compassionate leave slated for October, for when I travel to Hong Kong to hand over the ex to her new husband.

And when work finishes at the end of November, there’s reservist, which I normally would look forward to, but because it’s taking up two weeks of holiday time, I’m not.

I’ve already slated a trip to a tropical paradise with my one true love. She’s flying here to meet up before we up and leave again and laze away Christmas at a villa or something. Mmmmm nice.

Some days you just wanna cut something up bad

MX-5 1, Mynah 0

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This evening me and the boys met up at our local and had more drinks than usual, for reasons unbeknownst to ourselves.

In between drinks, I messaged the ex in Hong Kong a birthday greeting, and mulled over where I was in life. This spell of introspection thankfully lasted only till the next drink.

Me and the boys drank, ate chicken wings, hotdogs and drank some more. And we laughed a lot. One of those pub meetings where you laugh a lot, then you go home and think hey, that was fun, but you can’t remember what you laughed about.

JH did cause a pause when he told us about his ‘seriously weird’ afternoon with his car. He was driving his Miata down a leafy stretch and a mynah flew very close across and past his windscreen, and before he could marvel at the sight, that mynah’s companion mynah couldn’t quite fly clear of his windscreen, and clipped it’s legs on his windscreen, causing it to hurtle low across the road much like an Imperial Tie-Fighter after being hit by an X-wing’s laser cannons.

For some reason, JH was very disturbed by the event. We pushed another drink his way. Then we asked what his car number was, so we could go buy Four-D.

Imperial Tie-Fighter, Sienar Fleet Systems’ Twin Ion Engine Craft.

Common (Indian) Mynah, Acridotheres tristis

Super Senior Minister

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Someone asked me, so, do you have a life outside of work? Do you have friends?

I wanted to say, course I do, go read my blog, so many things happen to me, I don’t have enough time to write them down. But I didn’t. But really, I am so happening I spend only fifteen minutes at dinner with the family. And today was no different.

Everyone at home’s still recovering from the dastardly flu, and between residual coughs and mouthfuls of food (we had pork ribs, tofu, kailan and pork soup), we speculated on what LKY’s new title would be. I offered “PMF”, for Prime Minister’s Father. Lee Kuan Yew, MP, PMF. Like The Queen Mother. Thought of fondly, sometimes revered, and expected to say odd things once awhile that might embarrass the family.

My father laughed and choked on his soup and coughed and coughed till I got worried.

HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. 1900-2002.

Picture Palaces

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The wife has a friend who’s pretty nifty with the camera. That is, she composes pictures well.

A good photoblog is like a good blog. The content should evoke emotion. Make you yearn for something more. Her pictures do that. Check back regularly, cos I’m gonna keep bugging her to put up her pittures.

Another good photoblog recently begun is Cour Marly’s photoblog, and another of my favourites is Sinophiles like me can look to Leylop and her wonderful photojournal and blog. She’s left Hangzhou and is about to embark on an extensive trip, so check back and check out her fantastic photos.

There are so many things, so little time to document them. I encourage everyone with a digital camera to carry it along with you everywhere you go. Snap away at anything grand or ordinary. Make your blog your window on the world and let the rest of us enjoy.

While on this topic, if you prefer your digital pictures to be paperised, look no further than Hotprint. They’re very good at printing digital photos, and I know for a fact that they’re the bestest photoshop exponents in the land. You should see my driver’s licence photo. Slimmer and not a zit in sight.

Originally uploaded by ninja mewmew.

Sad Song say so much but forget everything

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So Steph Song calls again asking what I’m up to and I tell her I’m working. She says why are you always working when I call. I say because I need money for food, fuel and women.

Steph Song forgets the last two sentences I’ve said and says, hey are you free for coffee or lunch now, and I get annoyed and say I am working. She says you are always working you must have a lot of money now.

Steph Song says she’s been busy too, working and getting contacts from her Canadic agent in Canadia, and is shortlisted for some Van Damm movie to be made there. I say hey I didn’t know Jean Claude Damn Dumb still made movies. In Canadia some more.

My ABC magnet is working strong today because I later bump into Jimmy at the Village. Jimmy is Japanese American, so technically he’s not ABC. Mentally, he’s not Jap-American either. He raps, hips and hops and breaks dances and talks the street talk like he’s some brother with the slanty eyes. But anyway, he’s foreign.

Jimmy says he’s been suddenly busy with several callbacks, and may get a gig to go to Beijing which he says, man, he’ll take it, cos things have been lean, bro.

I say to him, James, my man, take everything that comes, bro.

He says yeah man, I been teaching kung fu and shit, and I’m like ok with it as long as they don’t make me explain shit, bro.

I say ha ha, that’s right bro, what about CJ (ABC), he’s gotta dress in drag for that play?

Yeah man, I saw the poster, and I called him and I said Bro, you is one argly woman, maaaan!

Sometimes Miss Song gives me the finger.