Shrinking Singapore

The economy is shrinking, so what better time than now to muck around and shrink everything else with some special photo effects.

I recently learned about something called ’tilt-shifting’, which is a photographic technique I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around, but which allows you to ‘fake’ miniturizations.

Photographer Keith Loutit manages to do a wonderful interpretation of Sydney.

And what I did after looking at Loutit’s work was sift through my iPhoto and Flickr collections and pick out a couple of photos that would lend themselves well to ’tilt-shifting’ via Photoshop, and followed the tips I found online on how to fake tilt-shift lens using Photoshop.


Good Morning Singapore
Marina Bay

Bras Basah
Bras Basah


Scale model of Fullerton area

Shrinking Bras Basah

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  2. A “tilt-shift” is a special kind of photographic lens, used mainly for architectural pictures. taking a bird's-eye view picture with a tilt shift lens allows you to produce pictures like that, without the need for Photoshop at all.

    there's an entire flickr group dedicated to photoshop simulations of the tilt shift effect:

    and obligatory shameless plug (my pic):

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