A Chinese accented town

We took a trip to Chinatown to see what the fuss about going to Chinatown in the days leading to Chinese New Year was about.

There were hordes of people picking up bargains like ethnic costumes for to scare your family / in-laws with:

The latest in ethnic garb

Or garments a little more conservative, although I think they ran out of “Uncle’s Trousers”:

Uncle's trousers sold out

‘Cos I think lotsa Uncles need replacements after shitting themselves trying to look for a wig that makes them look like MacGyver but every wig (even the one that’s displayed with a moustache) makes them look like Reba McEntire instead:


We bought a pack of Highlanders’ Brown Rice Tea, although not for the anti-bedwetting qualities espoused in their literature as well as by the salesgirl. She says to contact her if we’re not satisfied with the product:

No more bed wetting

I didn’t venture into this salon to ask if notwithstanding the typo, the sign meant ‘brown eye waxing’. Because that kinda makes sense. You know?

Brown eye waxing

So weird and wonderful, our Chinatown. Hor?

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